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Palantir Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Alex Karp
Alex Karp
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  1. « Diminishing returns and lack of depth »

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    Ancien employé - Software Engineer 
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    J'ai travaillé chez Palantir Technologies à temps plein plus d'un an


    - The compensation is above average at start - You get exposed to many prod responsibilities quite early. - If you are a new grad (and everyone is), this is a good way to learn good industry standards and practices about software engineering - The office is amazing (but you get indifferent to it quite fast) - Your peers are often interesting new grads like you are


    - The compensation does not grow adequately (20% after 18M + 5%/y) - The organization is chaotic, political and non meritocratic. The so-called "architects" are mostly there for historic and political reasons and not impressive but they really believe they are and often take unexplained, untransparent and authoritative decisions that serve their agenda. - The horizons are always short-term. The vision is always at most a few months away - The codebases are quite poor and hard to maintain, having been written fast at first. It is often slow and buggy but as long as it mostly work, the original author would have moved on to a new shiny project. Refactoring, improving performance and correctness is seldom rewarded even though the services do not scale for the vast majority. What matters only is to start the project. - Projects that are done in-house are reinventing the wheel of better existing open-sources alternative. There is no project with significant depth. It is mostly about building shiny apps for the platform. - Your peers are all new grads like you and very few have industry experience. Clueless people are often the most pretentious.

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