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    « A Decent Education & An Unhealthy Work Environment »

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    Ancien employé - Graduate Student Researcher à Ithaca, NY
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    J'ai travaillé chez Cornell University à temps plein plus de 5 ans


    Access to cutting-edge equipment and the opportunity to work with extremely talented people in a wide range of scientific, business, and artistic fields.


    As a graduate student, I experienced horrid management by professors: employee infighting was encouraged, falsified data was pushed for publication, emotionally volatile/immature bosses were the norm. There was a lack of clear goals for every professor I worked with and unpaid overtime was the norm. We were promised jobs only if we did everything they said and constantly threatened if we stepped out of line or... questioned a boss' decision. I saw the news of Title 9 inquires and student suicides surpressed and/or erased from public record. Cornell illegally funded opposition to a graduate student union and falsified votes. Be very careful when considering this school, they have many problems that are common in academia but unlike other schools I've worked in they don't seem to be interested in changing the status quo.


    Conseils à la direction

    Train your professors in management. Give your graduate students a voice, perhaps with a union. Study what other US academic institutions are doing. You cannot get away with squeezing everyone, professors as well as students, for more work and less pay forever.

    Cornell University2019-06-12
  1. « Ithaca is Gorges »

    Ancien employé - Graduate Research Assistant 

    J'ai travaillé chez Cornell University à temps plein plus de 5 ans


    Great people & atmosphere. Beautiful area full of natural beauty.


    In a small town- great for some things but not for others

    Cornell University2019-12-10
  2. « Good location »

    Ancien employé - Course Assistant 

    J'ai travaillé chez Cornell University à temps partiel moins d'un an


    Ithaca is a beautiful place to live


    It becomes very cold in the winter

    Cornell University2019-12-06

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