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    SLC Ops

    22 mars 2023 - Operations Analyst à Salt Lake City, UT
    Approbation du PDG
    Perspective commerciale


    Smart people and great name on resume


    Location definitely not ideal, there is an evident difference in the treatment how they treat the employees across the office locations and divisions ( compared to NY, compared to IBD/ Sales & Trading)

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    Great compensation, great culture

    16 mai 2023 - Financial Analyst Intern à Chicago, IL
    Approbation du PDG
    Perspective commerciale


    friendly people, good internship program


    there are no cons that i can think of

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    Operations Associate

    12 mai 2023 - Associate à Salt Lake City, UT
    Approbation du PDG
    Perspective commerciale


    Outside of my time in the military, this has been the most intense year of my life. Although it is incredibly challenging, it is also rewarding. Things tend to move at a very fast (and often times hectic) pace, so there's never a dull day. Although the hours are very long, I truly am excited to come into the office and get the day started. Moreover, the Firm pushes you to step out of your comfort zone, which helps you grow as both an individual and professional


    1. Get ready for long hours, especially on high-volume trading days. Ten hours per day is the absolute minimum, with mine personally being twelve to fifteen hours. I typically work between 65 - 80 hours a week, five to six days a week. 2. With how busy things are, training is often rushed as trainers have their own responsibilities, and every minute spent training takes time away from their duties at the desk. As such, being a quick learner and a problem solver is a necessity. 3. If you are a lateral higher like myself, expect to be given a larger role and more responsibilities despite being new. Moreover, with such large sums of money are exchanged between parties each and every day, any mistake could very well cost the Firm millions. Needless to say, the pressure can be at times overwhelming.

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