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    weekly pay is really good


    long shifts are very annoying

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    Great work and co-workers. Challenging, but satisfying way to grow professionally . This job will stretch you! I enjoy the work but wait for the cons.


    Management lack of people skills. Although good business acumen, management treats employees like crap. No coaching skills at all.. many have moved on because of treatment.

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    Team Leader à Wakefield, MA
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    Gained friendships. Money off food on shift. You're always busy..


    Zero hours contract so one week I could earn an amazing amount and the next be so broke I can't afford transport to and from work. Taxis as I did a lot of late shifts. Management allow bullying to take place. Management are supposed to back you up if someone is drunk or rude etc.. but in my experience they haven't done this at all. Promised the world promotion wise and they gave someone else the job that was lined up for me. Made me do kitchen training when it wasn't needed or even noted down. Expect to be spoken to like rubbish from customers, staff members and management. Very long shifts if staff decide to not turn up or get drunk the night before (this happens ALOT)

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    Réponse de J D Wetherspoon

    Recruitment & Training Systems Manager

    Thank you for your comments, we will pass your all of them on for further discussion and investigation. Just to pick up on your feedback around hours, we do not work with zero hour contracts at all as a company, we agree a minimum guaranteed hours when we employ to minimise the fluctuation in hours.

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