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    Je travaille chez Penguin Random House à temps plein depuis plus de 3 ans


    Bonne gamme d'avantages, possibilités de rencontrer divers auteurs, équipe sympa.


    Flexibilité limitée et marge de progrès. Manque de diversité.

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    Penguin Random House 2019-09-09
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    Je travaille chez Penguin Random House à


    The experience you gain is plentiful.


    Living in NYC, the pay can be rough.

    Penguin Random House 2020-05-12
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    Ancien employé - Editor à New York, NY
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    J'ai travaillé chez Penguin Random House à temps plein plus de 5 ans


    Amazing colleagues. Got to work with the best minds in the world to create amazing books. Loved the work. Absolutely loved the work.


    Toxic culture. In my one department, 3 harassment cases, of which we were told to consider "both sides." Perpetrators protected based on friendships with key decision makers. HR was notified, and did everything they could to protect to company against victims. Was personally sexually harassed, as were many colleagues, who no longer work in publishing, or live in NYC - basically they fled. "Low pay" because we "love what we do" is code for continuing to hire the same type of rich white employee who can afford NYC on a tiny salary. If you're going to prioritize white books and white buyers, just be transparent about it. Stop putting the onus on employees to undergo "diversity trainings." Pay more. Hire diverse employees. Listen to victims.

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    Penguin Random House 2020-05-27

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