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    « Inventory Specialist« 

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      J'ai travaillé chez Volvo Car USA à


      Leasing discount for newer vehicles


      Short breaks. No full lunch 4 15 mom breaks through out the day

      Volvo Car USA2018-08-18
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      Employé actuel - Employé anonyme à Charleston, SC
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      Je travaille chez Volvo Car USA à temps plein depuis plus d'un an


      This is a start-up environment! So much fun and energy, as well as various experiences at some amazing companies to learn from! The Swedish culture makes for a great place to work!


      This is a start-up, so not everything is in place, yet.

      Conseils à la direction

      Maintain the Volvo culture!

      Volvo Car USA2018-06-13

      Réponse de Volvo Car USA

      July 12, 2018Corporate Communications Manager

      Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

    2. « Great environment« 

        Employé actuel - Senior Engineer 

        Je travaille chez Volvo Car USA à temps plein


        Great team environment enforced by management


        Very layed back. More than I like

        Volvo Car USA2019-06-11

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