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    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme à Pune City

    Je travaille chez Yardi Systems à temps plein depuis plus de 3 ans


    Nice environment, friendly, Good people & Good values


    nice, but very less vertical growth

    Yardi Systems2019-07-21
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    Je travaille chez Yardi Systems à temps plein


    its good. and that is it


    naw nothing at all and that is it

    Conseils à la direction


    Yardi Systems2019-11-12
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    Employé actuel - Technical Account Manager à Dallas, TX
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    Je travaille chez Yardi Systems à temps plein depuis plus d'un an


    Benefits, Work/Life Balance, 401K, Co-Workers


    There is a lot of favoritism that goes on in regards to the management, and most, if not all of it goes towards the men in our office. There have been plenty of other reviews stating the same thing and it got the attention of the corporate office to the point where they came in and conducted one on one sit downs with anyone who wanted to discuss their concerns. The response was so overwhelming that the VP ended up... having to extend her trip and stay longer. I had hopes that this would make a difference and I have seen only the opposite. It was brought to my attention, as well as others that several people (all men from my team) received additional raises for whatever reason. It is so very frustrating to see that some of us women that have worked hard and put our everything into our clients and jobs once again were over looked. I am slowly losing respect for this company and how it handles it's salaries, bonuses and raises.


    Conseils à la direction

    Stop favoring the men, and give credit where it truly is deserved. Because sending someone to talk about it is one thing, but actually following through and making the changes is completely different and it is not only what matters, it is what is right.

    Yardi Systems2019-12-03

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