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Abby Johnson PDG Fidelity Investments
93%Abby Johnson
Tim Buckley PDG Vanguard
74%Tim Buckley
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Ancien employé - Employé anonyme

J'ai travaillé chez Fidelity Investments à temps plein plus de 5 ans


Il n'y avait aucun avantage


On y fait beaucoup trop d'heures supplémentaires

Conseils à la direction

Il faut absolument revoir leur management

Employé actuel - Senior Manager

Je travaille chez Vanguard à temps plein depuis plus de 10 ans


-Corporate structure (owned by clients) -Firm mission and investment philosophy -Benefits, particularly PTO -Great people, team environment -Strategic thinking / direction of firm (advice) -Product... and service lineup (although could be broader)


-Doesn’t value the workforce like the past, particularly the people who have the knowledge and have driven results for years -Too much deadwood and 20+ year bureaucrats or inexperienced new leaders... from rotational programs in senior positions -Expecting more of people, yet not changing compensation enough to reflect that -Being pennywise / pound foolish with spending, particularly on tech, CEOs relentless push for expense reduction is concerning, and people don’t feel like they can challenge

Conseils à la direction

1. You’re killing the spirit of your Crew, culture isn’t moving in a promising direction despite messaging on founder’s mentality and new ways of working - you can’t just announce these things and... not change at the top - you have to walk the talk and lead the way, which means change in your own mindset and behavior, if you aren’t willing to step away from command and control then don’t talk about these changes 2. Take a hard look at the M5 and above to senior staff (senior management) group and really ask yourself who are the people there that really make a difference and drive results, how many are just followers versus leaders, who has really done something of value and displayed grit, who are the people Crew enjoy working for, there are senior officers who need to move on, break up the can’t do this analysis on your own because you have bias, it needs to be 360 or led objectively 3. Invest more in the leaders you have that display the right attitude and grit versus thinking you always have to go to a consultant or external hire, for all the talk about development the follow through isn’t there

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