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Jason Cottrell PDG Myplanet
98%Jason Cottrell
Jennifer Tejada PDG PagerDuty
100%Jennifer Tejada
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Intérimaire actuel - Product Strategist

Je travaille chez Myplanet à depuis plus d'un an


- Great CEO and leadership team that actually cares about employees - Amazing work culture and opportunities to work on interesting projects - Transparency and expectations setup from the beginning


- Have to fight for allocation of developers and designers sometimes

Conseils à la direction

- Keep doing what you're doing right now - Try to allocate people 100% on projects when possible, as opposed to 50-50 splits

Employé actuel - Anonymous

Je travaille chez PagerDuty à temps plein depuis plus d'un an


- Hands down, the people - Flexibility regarding your schedule - Hard work is recognized and rewarded - Amazing work-life balance I'm working with some of the most down-to-earth, smartest... people I've ever worked with in my career. I learn from everyone daily, including my peers, my manager, and the executive team. This is probably team-dependent, but we have a lot of flexibility with regard to our schedule. As long as we're available for meetings and get our work done, no one cares what time you get to or leave the office, or whether you decide to work from home that day because you don't feel well or just don't feel like commuting to the office. Do I have to work weekends sometimes? Sure, but they don't happen often, and it's worth it for the overall flexibility. Which leads me to...sick days. HR and the exec team actually _encourages_ people to stay home and take sick days to rest up and heal when they're sick. They send out multiple reminders to ask people to stay home when sick. I've never worked at any other place where leadership actually encourages this sick policy. Best part is that your team will likely step in to cover for you and tell you to sign off and stop working while sick. Employees are recognized for their contributions here. There's an internal program where employees can publicly give thanks to other employees for their help or work, and it fosters a great culture. Reviews are 360, so it's not just employees being reviewed—managers are also given feedback on where they're doing well and where they can improve.


- Some underperformers are allowed to stay too long without being called out - Office location is a little inconvenient (but I suppose that's nitpicking) There needs to be a better system to... recognize underperformers to help them improve. Otherwise, it places the burden on others on the team, potentially creating resentment and preventing the team overall from running on all cylinders. Nothing can be done about office location, but that's more the fault of public transportation being unreliable. But it's nice having schedule flexibility because that means there's rarely such a thing as being late to work.

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