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" I'd like you to create a 12-month marketing proposal, no longer than 3 pages. In this proposal: 1. Outline all the hires, if any, you would make if you were to build a new marketing team from scratch 2. Outline all day-to-day marketing activities vs longer campaigns 3. Proposed budget for each marketing activity and the expected ROI for each activity 4. Include KPIs and other metrics 5. Include anything else you think would be valuable in the proposal I understand you don't have a lot of information on Enplug's current activity to create this proposal, so don't worry too much about accuracy. You can use public information to determine your strategy. The goal of this is to understand the depth and breadth of how to market in our industry. I want to see if you are familiar with the traditional methods and any "out of the box" thinking. "


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I am fine with a 1-2 hour project for an interview, but she asked for something that requires considerably more time & research in order to be done well. I replied explaining to her that her request was unreasonable, generally costing businesses thousands of $s, but I would happily provide something less extravagant and talk her through it. She didn't budge. Nor did I. My reflections: - They are only looking for unemployed persons who have time to gamble (waste) on their projects - They think it's appropriate to request a multiple-hour assignment from early-stage interviewees (eg. disrespecting others' time) - They will unashamedly seek actionable information from uncompensated interviewees - Their CMO might want to freshen up his resume

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I received word (directly from the CEO) that they actually interviewed 20 people AFTER giving out this assignment. Meaning they made 20+ early-stage applicants do a multiple hour project, still knowing Very little about any of them. She actually said there were 320 applicants, so that 20+ is likely over 100. Meaning she wasted multiple hundreds of hours of others' time, with them having little indication on where they stand. What that means: ABSOLUTE DISRESPECT. Considering that ethic, do you think I would want to work for her even if I tried to get the job? Absolutely not.

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