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I disagree. I was a little thrown off by the Apple product-based troubleshooting as well, but not knowing the product? You may have needed to do a little background research on the company you're applying for. I didn't really know how to troubleshoot the issue I was given (got a new iPhone, did an iCloud restore, couldn't open apps anymore), but I could still come up with some generic probing questions to troubleshoot (What does it do/say when you try to open apps?, have you tried restarting your phone?, have you restored them more than once, or only one time?. Is it all apps, or just Apple apps?, etc. etc.), and that's all they were really looking for.

Utilisateur anonyme le


If you read the job descriptions, you will realise that Apple will provide full training for applicants. It means you do not need to know how to trouble shoot any Apple products during the interview. If Apple really wants to test your skills, they can ask you questions related to some popular products such as iPhone, iPad or iPod. Why would they ask you something like the "time capsule"? Do any of you guys use this product? We are all adults here. Let's assume you are going for a job interview with Apple tomorrow and you are doing your own research, just ask yourself if you would spend time on researching iPhone or Aperture2 ? I bet you have never heard of this name? Right? In order to fail somebody during job interview is so easy. However, Apple is not the only company hiring for support people in Australia. Rob, remain positive and good luck to us all job seekers in Australia.

Peter le


I do feel sorry that you didn't get an attempt to show your experience in the tech support arena. But, as the second review stated, Why wouldn't you do the most basic of research they clearly laid out for you in your interview guide. After the first phone screening when you were passed on to take part in the Skype interview, the recruiter sent you the follow up information. This information informed you of the time of your call and who it was with but it also clearly laid out what to expect and how to prepare. Links directing you apples forums. Directly to a very easy to monuever product specs page. I do wish you the best of success moving forward. To the last review, Peter, about a Time Capsule. Very basic. Airport Extreme, Airport Express, and the Time Capsule are networking components Apple sells. They're all great products. Without going into much detail, An Airport Extreme is there extremely powerful router. A Time Capsule is the same product but containing a built in 2 or 3 TB hard hard drive. Yes, you can connect any hard drive to a Airport Extreme, but having it built in is all about convenience. I have a USB hub connected to mine, allowing you to expand your networked hard drives up to 16TB. This allows multiple wireless PC or Mac back ups to be done (Time Machine), access to content from anywhere in the world. As for Airport express's, there great routers, many clients will have a Airport Express set up in the far corners of their network, used to hardwire a printer into the network, using them as access points/repeaters, to extend their network, or as great portable units that can be used in hotel rooms, resorts, etc. Anyways, good luck all. Apple is a fantastic company to work for!

Responce le


The same thing happened to me Monday. We must have had the same guy because he seemed to be annoyed as well. I got the "you will hear something either way" response and that was 5 days ago. Oh well...

Utilisateur anonyme le


Sorry to hear. Apply again and learn from your mistakes. I was officially job offered.

Utilisateur anonyme le


I talked to a recruiter on 6/24 and he told me that he was referring me to a hiring manger via skype after the 10 minute quick interview questionnaire. Today, 6/24, I waited around all day to talk with the hiring manager and I didn't receive a call. At 5pm or should I say close of business, I received and email from Apple saying that they decided to choose another candidate. In my opinion, very unprofessional.

Utilisateur anonyme le


I guarantee you it wasn't age-related, but it sounds as though you got a horrible interviewer who might have been biased, or just crappy overall. That kind of behavior isn't tolerated at Apple if they know it's occurring. That guy shouldn't be working at the company, period.

Anonymous le


If you are applying to Apple, why wouldn't you even take the time to research their products? This is clearly on you, not the recruiter or interviewer.

Tiffany le


Hi, thanks for your sharing your story about the Apple interview. You know unfortunately it sounds like you are experiencing "ageism". Younger staffed companies centered on younger audiences have been found to flaunt this practice and I too have had this experience as with another major coffee company. I am sorry you experienced this but glad you got to see it in action which will prepare you in the future. Good luck and don't stop going after what you want.

Rob le

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