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J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 6 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à BlaBlaCar en octobre 2016.


The interview process was ok at first, but ended up rather unprofessional.

I applied online, and got an email asking me to attend a Skype interview with HR. The person from HR was very chatty and friendly and laid out the interview process, saying I would have a Skype interview with the Content manager and after that would be invited to Paris to present a case study and have a face to face interview.

After this, I had the Skype interview with the Content manager. I didn’t have to prepare anything, so it was quite informal. She then informed me that I was through to the next stage, but that they would actually do the presentation over Skype instead. The task was quite intensive, and took a few evenings to put together as it included proposing changes to the current copy. I then presented it via Skype to the content manager and two content writers.

After this, I was invited to Paris. I had to ask if this would be the final stage, as it wasn't clear by this point.

I arrived at the office at around 10am, and my first interview took place over food in the canteen. We were surrounded by people and it was quite noisy. The interviewer also didn’t seem to know anything about me as a candidate.

My second interviewer had printed my CV and made notes about my experience. She asked very focussed and clear questions.

I then had another two interviews with members of the team, and was shown around the office. Each interview featured a lot of the same questions, sometimes word for word.

My final interviewer was 45 minutes late, meaning I sat alone in the room for quite some time and someone from the team ended up jumping in and doing an ad hoc interview. When the interviewer showed up, he asked me to tell him about my career, then interrupted me after the first sentence to introduce himself. He then talked about his career for a while and after 10 minutes I had to apologise and explain that I needed to leave in order to make my train.

The next day, at around 8pm, I received an email from HR saying they were really impressed with me and would like to offer me the role. She informed me that they were putting together an offer, and asked me for some references. I sent my references the next day.

After four days of no contact, I emailed HR and received no reply.

I emailed again and received a call from HR. In the call, the person from HR told me that over the weekend they had decided to restructure and that the role was no longer available. She was very apologetic, but I thought it was incredible to ask a candidate to go through so many interviews, over a six week period, just to decide you didn’t need that role in the end. It also gave the impression that the company doesn't know what it's doing.

I then noticed some of my ideas that I presented in the interview were being used on the site.


I think being clear about what your team needs before starting the recruitment process would be ideal. Understandably, things change, but this could have been communicated a lot earlier. HR should also only mention an offer if they are 100% sure.

In general, interviewers needed to be more prepared, there needed to be more transparency about the process and it was quite an intense experience overall, so maybe less interviews but with more quality and focus would help.

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