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CMOS Inverter , how to reduce the drive strength of Minimum size inverter


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"more the Ids, the lesser the drive strength is" This is exactly opposite of the actual fact...!

Anonymous le


Use body effect, reverse biasing, this will reduce the drain current. another way can be change the gate input, according to the I-V characteristic

answer le


the first answer is definitely wrong, to decrease the driving capacity, please size down the ratio!

Utilisateur anonyme le


It's a minimum size inverter so can't size it down. So may be we can increase the loading capacitance.

Harsh le


To reduce a drive-strength at a minimum size inverter, it would be the easiest way to adjust the work-function at gate to adjust the threshold voltage.

Anonymous le


Drive strength is basically the current carrying capability of a circuit. more the Ids, the lesser the drive strength is. Increase the aspect ration (W/L) of inverter. Usually done in 2:1 ratio (PMOS is slower and sized approx. twice of NMOS)

Utilisateur anonyme le

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