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Mis à jour le 27 avr. 2022

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I have applied via Linkeding and soon received an invitation for a first HR interview. The first interview was a typical one with lots of good information about them which I could use after. The second interview was with the one that should have been my collegue and with the same HR which was trying to guide the interview. The new person to the interview was bad prepared and short on questions, not very carismatic and very supperior even though she mentioned she was 1year and a half new in this industry. At that moment I knew that I would not want to work with her, nevertheless I wanted to test the HR wordtrust. I always insist to have a notification even though i will not be chosen , it always makes me understand if I should regret or not having the job. Even though he insisted to even open whatsapp for their answer, and to trust their word, i got back to them 4 times for a feedback to have finaly a no. My guess is that they tried to make sure they have somebody they wanted before telling me no. I did not appreciated their lack of transparency, the account manager supperiority and the empty promises

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  • Basic questions during the interview Lots of product questions How do you deal with merchants and some other basic account manager questions
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