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Describe a time when you had to deal with an angry person, and how did you handle it?


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Let them vent, Ascertain their reason for anger. Tell them we can resolve their concerns , just calm down and lets try to come to an agreement. And that if I had the authority I would try to correct their issue OR try to explain that why their anger was misguided. A misunderstanding.

Walter Deegan le


Well I listened to the customer as he was yelling across the room at the Manager because he could not get his money back on a purchase he just made a few minutes prior . I tried to get him to cal m him down and talk instead of yell across the store at the manager. . When I got his attention I reminded him that she is the one who can bend the rule if she wants to do to special circumstances . Which is he just made a purchase less than five minutes ago and did not leave the store . I said to him if he could just gain his composure for 2 reasons , 1 is we had customers in the store, a lot of elderly and did not want to get them upset. .and 2nd , would go a d talk to the manager and hopefully , she would see it as a special circumstance and would refund his money . Everything worked out , he did as I asked of him and I did as I said I would and the manager refunded his money . He thanked me as he left.

Debbie Reed le

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