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Wells Fargo

Describe a time when you had to work with a difficult personality and how you worked through that.


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I had a peer that seemed not very friendly to anyone and was struggling to reach good customer service metrics from the surveys. I took it upon myself to try and connect with this individual to help that person feel more comfortable within the team and to improve the customer service experience with adding positive language and providing options for our clients when needed. The action plan was to start slow and connect personally and just observe the style and abilities of that person. Once accessed I moved forward with encouraging the good behaviors that were presented. Trust started to happen between us and this person was more open to coaching, so I would slip in an opportunity as a goal. We took a look at the Customer Experience survey numbers and put a development plan into action to increase and better service the needs of our clients. It took an entire month to see great improve and results with her survey number jumping up to the good range. I lessen the coaching because of the improvement, but kept following up with one-on-ones monthly to make sure that this person felt supported and valued. The personal development that was encouraged from the beginning had an impact not only on this individual, but also the team was excited to connect closely with the person as well.

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