Questions d'entretiens pour le poste de Sales chez Desigual |

Questions d'entretiens pour le poste de Sales chez Desigual


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I had an interview with one of the supervisors who seemed to like me a lot, he was eager to hire me, the interview went great, we made eachother laugh, the vibes were there and I had a great feeling. He proceeded to offer me a second interview with one of the bosses, and still said he really wanted to hire me. I was ecstatic, and then came the second interview. The second interview was a few days later and it was a bit opposite from my interview with him. The woman was young, but bleek. She asked me the same questions he did, and everytime I answered she would give me a pokerface type look. She kind of sped through it and then told me "I'll check with him and then call you back." Great. I was supposed to get a call back during the weekend, and I waited a week later and still got no answer. I called back myself (twice) and he then said it wasn't brought up, but they'll get back to me. what? so all this time you're all eager & excited to hire someone, but the minute I interview with someone else the energy changes? My interview wasn't even brought up? Mind you til this day (already got another job and all that) I haven't gotten one phone call. You really think I'm going to wait on you? Run-around. Waste of time. On to the next one.

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