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Difference betweem marketing and sales


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Marketing includes identifying the costumer needs ,producing innovative products, providing advertisements about the product and generating awareness among the consumers. That is generating leads. It's the duty of sales person to sell the product to the costumers.That is converting the leads to purchase

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Marketing and sales both are interlinked with each other.However marketing is about analysing the customer needs, development of the product, advertisetising the product and when the product gets into the market its task of the sales man to persuade customer to buy the product.

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Sales target on individuals or small groups. Marketing, on the other hand, targets a larger group o the general public. 2. Marketing means generating leads or prospects. sales mean converting the leads or prospects into purchases and orders. 3. Marketing involves a longer process of building a name for a brand and pursuing the customer to buy it even if they do not need it. Whereas sales only involve a short term of finding the target consumer.



SALES means we know its an individual platform because everyone will sell their own products(homemade pickles) otherwise some peoples work for some companies ..directly or indirectly companies will sell products by employees.. MARKTING means companies are attract the peoples by advirtisement and launching promotions and customers are directly went and buy the products....



sales are selling the goods directly to the customer at a definite price and in a certain amount of time. Marketing is analyzing the market and identifying the customer needs and when a new product comes into the market it sells itself.

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Marketing : Marketing its all about branding . We need to bring our product as per customer requirement , we should ensure to reach our product through various source like advertisement , socials media and so on . Sales : which involve single or final point we need to sell our product to the customer it may be direct or indirect.

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Marketing means the person know about the product like means each and every information about product and he or she always do advertisements of the product and he always think how to introduce product and how to development product is called MARKETING. "SALES " means The sales person to sail the product to the customer .

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Marketing derives from the word Market , anything which we want to sell, the first need is come to the market and acknowledging potential customers that's called marketing and afterwards the rest process are called sales means selling the desired product.

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In marketing you have to advertise the goods, you have to identify the market needs you have to analyze the market but in sales you have to sell the goods to the customer according to their needs

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