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Employé anonyme, New Orleans, LA

Offre acceptée
Expérience positive
Entretien facile

J'ai postulé via un établissement d'enseignement supérieur ou universitaire. J'ai passé un entretien à Ejes (New Orleans, LA) en Sep 2019


In person interview was smooth, we talked about My past experiences, and the office manager saw potential in me and decided to hire me. The office manager is a good person and I have learned new things from him.

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  • Future plans in regards to further studies or Board exams
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Candidat anonyme à un entretien, Dallas, TX

Aucune offre d'embauche
Expérience négative
Entretien facile

J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris 4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Ejes (Dallas, TX) en Feb 2015


Phone / Resume scan and may not be legitimate. I was called in January for a brief discussions, then I was called back a month later telling me I had past and was to the 2nd interview. I needed to disclose my references, a day later I was emailed a background document to fill out and send back. I refused as I had not met with anyone, no official in-depth interview and I was passed to the 2nd interview based on my resume that clearly did not meet the job profile(s). The job was with D/FW Airport but their client was another recruiter in Louisiana, that was sole sourced to D/FW. The reason I say profile(s) is that I was past two profiles and he claimed he did not know which profile it was, as he has past my resume to the recruiter for D/FW and City of Dallas, which he did not validate with me first. This is not legit in the job search recruiting as they did not have my OK to do this. I called the background check company and explained I did not want to disclose my personal identifiable information. The background company agreed, I told the representative at EJES, Inc. he said that was not policy. I said if I could not do this, that I did not want to be considered anymore. I got an email back from another person at EJES, Inc, explaining that they would go to their client saying I had dropped from that job opportunity.

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