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J'ai passé un entretien chez European Banking Authority


On line interview, very welcoming and polite, explain the procedure thoroughly. After the submission they send the invite and then send the results informing whether you secceeded for the reserve list or not. Then you await for an offer to be made

Questions d'entretien
  • What is your motivation for this role
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Candidat anonyme à un entretien, Paris, 75

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J'ai postulé en ligne. J'ai passé un entretien chez European Banking Authority (Paris, 75)


Online interview with a panel and pre-defined set of questions that do not change. Very very stiff. The questions overlap and even if had already answered on something, they will ask you anyway because it is on the list. The interviewers had little connection to the actual job.

Questions d'entretien
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J'ai postulé en ligne. J'ai passé un entretien chez European Banking Authority en Jul 2019


The interview is a simple process. It had the representative of the unit, an HR member, and an observer. The questions are technical and behavioral and takes about 20 min,

Questions d'entretien
  • Motivation, Knowledge of the organization, Experience in the field, How I handle certain unexpected situations.
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