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Entretien de Account Manager Mountain View, CA (États-Unis)

Explain to me the Internet, like I never knew what it was.


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It's like a giant Sears catalog of information view on a tv screen of any size. It's a place where you can look up anything you are interested in at any time. IIt's like a sea of information you can turn on and off anytime.

Candidat à l'entretien, le 19 sept. 2016


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Alex, le 7 juin 2019

It's going to start with simple questions like why Google, why Google Cloud, what's your current role, what are you looking for in your next role. Then it will dive deeper into your knowledge of the role.

For more detailed information, try – which I found useful when I prepared for interviews.

Utilisateur anonyme, le 10 juin 2019

For those who are looking for tips for interviews at Google, try Rooftop Slushie – career advice from verified FAANG employees.

Rooftop Sluhsie:

i.e. Google Cloud TPM:

Utilisateur anonyme, le 18 juin 2019

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