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Mis à jour le 26 juin 2022

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J'ai postulé via un recruteur. J'ai passé un entretien chez Fabriq (France) (Paris) en juin 2022


I was first contacted by the CTO of the company who then scheduled a first interview with the CEO. The latter scheduled a first Call to get to know each other. He then scheduled a phone call interview. Comes the day of the interview, I was surprised the CEO asked for a videoconference which I wasn’t prepared for at all so we continued the interview by phone. He also somehow thought that I have already had a first interview with the CTO (which I hadn’t had obviously). Here are my takes on the interview: The interviewer was cold and distant (maybe because it was a Friday afternoon) but no interest was shown to what I was saying. The interviewer didn’t take the time to introduce the company, its activities and current challenges nor the scope of the position they are hiring for ( I am not sure if it is because I was supposed to meet the CTO before). The interview lacked structure, when asked about the company’s value and management culture vague answers were given. A week after, I received an email saying that they don’t wanna go further in the process. Overall I felt that there were some coordination issues in the hiring process, however, being a start up doesn’t excuse the luck of structure and communication during the interview. Showing a bit of enthusiasm or interest in the candidate is also appreciated (and coasts nothing).

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