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Questions entretien Assistant Manager Corporate IT chez Godrej Group

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Entretien de Assistant Manager Corporate IT

Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Vikhroli (Inde)
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J'ai postulé via une agence de recrutement. J'ai passé un entretien à Godrej Group (Vikhroli (Inde)) en juillet 2017.


I was approached by Staffing consultancy. Below are the sequence of events-

1. Resume was shortlisted and Telephonic Interview Scheduled
2. Cleared Telephonic round then they asked to meet their location in Vikhroli , Mumbai for f2f round. They have warned me not come late else they will reject me.
3. I visited the campus before time and guess what HR itself was late to office by 15 mins and the interview was late by total 30 mins from original time.
3. First round f2f with respective Manager ( in my case IT head - Infra) along with senior person from HR. I cleared tha round too. Interview questions was related to work they are hiring for as well as general HR questions.
4. As as I Said Incleared that round then they scheduled final round with Business leader (Director or VP level).
5. I had good round of discussion and answered all of the questions. He then asked me to meet HR for feedback.
6. I met HR and then HR said that they will let me know which clearly mean NO by reading her face value because she was so helpful and open person till before 2nd round but her attitude changed after feedback from 2nd interviewer which I didn't like it. I felt he didn't like my answer to leave the current job and so also felt he was more concern on my current salary hence he didn't even asked me expected one :p

I tried to chase HR many times as well chased Consulting firm but got no feedback exactly for what reason they have not selected me because I had cleared all rounds and I have answered all the questions which 2nd interviewer aseked but after 15 days I got a feedback from consultantancy firm that they hired someone as they wanted best and I was only good which I didn't like the feedback and found it as an excuse as my Current salary and expected one was too much out of their budget.

Nevertheless expletive was good but I didn't liked 2 things- a) how people changes the attitude so fast, b) no actual feedback why I was not selected which was actually my rights. Isn't it?

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