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J'ai postulé via une recommandation d'un employé. Le processus a pris 3 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Hotjar en août 2019.


Hotjar follows a 5 stage interview process which includes:
- Filling out an online form/questionnaire,
- Submit a video of yourself answering 5 different questions
- Phone interview with representatives from HR and, in my case, Business Intelligence
- 3 Day Task and Task presentation, spread over 2 weeks ( Paid )
- Chat with the CEO and offer

I personally skipped the first 2 steps as I had a referral and they were looking for a very similar profile to mine.

Overall it was very good, especially the task stage, which gives the chance to both sides to get to know each other faster and better.

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Réponse de Hotjar

30 oct. 2019 – VP of Operations

Welcome to the team and thanks for the feedback! It's exciting to see our employee referral program working. It's only been in place for a few months and it's taking off.

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    Basically they hire the people that choose an earlier interview date and not the people with the best skills. I applied, I sent the videos and I got an interview offer. They send me a set of dates to choose for the interview, covering August and September. I chose 10 of September, send an email asking if I should choose an earlier date. The response was "no don't worry, we hire constantly for this job now".
    Ten days before my interview, I get an email that they found all the people they need and my interview is cancelled.

    I have never heard a company do that, hire the people they interviewed first and not wait a couple of weeks to see if there is someone better that applied. The CEO should be furious about this, I sent him an email but no response.

    I got some apologies and confused "explanations" and how this has "never happened", but that doesn't change anything. If I chose an earlier interview date, I would have a job now. And the worst is that I asked if I should and they said no.

    Apparently the company is not a serious one. If these are the recruiting techniques, you can imagine how the rest of the company functions. If you still want to apply (and why not, you probably won't even have any tasks, just sit and wait until they try to organise their tasks), take my advice and pick the earliest date of interview they offer.

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    Réponse de Hotjar

    20 sept. 2019 – VP of Operations

    Thank you very much for your feedback. I'm aware of the specific situation you've described and I apologize that this happened. We screwed up. It was completely our fault.

    The hiring manager for... Voir plus

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