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How I would handle a student who was acting up.

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I said I would be aware of the schools policy on discipline prior to starting. That there always has to be a bottom line, like sending them to the principle. I would try and handle it within the classroom if possible and give the student a chance to behave well.

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I would try to resolve the issue within the classroom first. I would approach the learner without him or her know and drop down to his or her level of height and ask them in a conversational tone if he or she thought that his or her behaviour was appropriate during lesson time. I would give the learner a warning if the learner persist the next step would be him or her writing lines if the matter escalates I would send the learner to the headmaster.

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Firstly, by observing the student to see why he/she is behaving inappropriately in class, depends also on the type of background this student comes from, and being a teen in high school he/she will be faced with numerous challenges. On the other hand discipling a student has to be approached rather differently, yes there are policies placed at various schools but if a student behaves rather aggressively in class especially if its a high school student then other methods like the school counselor can speak to the student about issues that is troubling him/her. Sometimes as teachers we misunderstand a students behavior. With each generation its becoming more challenging dealing with discipline, so the school or district have to find different methods when policies are placed.

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By involving him in class work or make him the leader of his group or class, he will be interesting to do it

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