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How do you come up with new ideas?


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I find creative ideas by look for unique, different advantages that others are not doing. Then following up by expressing the idea with an internal focus group and tweaking the idea based on feedback.

Utilisateur anonyme, le 12 juil. 2019

Wondering if anyone tried using Rooftop Slushie? Seems like you can ask questions and get answers from Intel Corporation employees.

Utilisateur anonyme, le 15 juil. 2019

This looks so good:

Utilisateur anonyme, le 15 oct. 2019

Want to know real life at FAANG? Here's your free copy:

Utilisateur anonyme, le 14 nov. 2019

Anyone looking for a referral? Here's the link to the website you can ask referrals.

Utilisateur anonyme, le 4 déc. 2019

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