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If I handed you a rubiks cube and told you that it had to be solved by tomorrow, how would you respond?


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Such questions are really stupid IMHO and I feel like punching the interviewer for asking crap like this. I don't think such questions prove anything. A person can be really good at handling situations but not respond likewise and a pretentious person can do very well in such cases but do a horrible job when hired. Please interviewers stop with such questions!

hmm le


Anyone that asks a question of this nature is looking for a typical, corporate behind kissing answer. personally I was much more impressed with your honest answer than I would be by someone, whose nature and work ability I have no idea about, answering like someone else did on this with "You'll have it today." You could have answered with that and have not the first clue about "customer service", because it is just a brown nosing answer. To me, a good answer is honest and forthright, and I never want to just hear what the interviewee thinks I want to hear.

Monkeyman le


If I were asked this question I would say, "You'll have it today". How you do it isn't too important, there are literally a million ways to "solve" the rubiks cube they're handing you, it's not a cube, it's any problem they need solved, just get it done as soon as you can, wouldn't you like it if you asked someone to do something & they went above & beyond? Whether it's an inter-office request or anything else, you are always either someone's customer or vendor & this is called "giving excellent customer service". This question is begging for Excellent Customer Service.

Novo le


This is a variable question. The interviewer is not looking for a specific answer to the Rubix cube. They are determining your ability to respond given a task that to some may be difficult, while others it may seem mundane. Here is an open ended and safe answer. The task is important, but also know that as important as it is, the problem may not have a simple and fast solution. “We will pool our resources to find a solution for you as soon as possible and do our best to have that to you within the required timeframe.”

Utilisateur anonyme le


Figure out a plan to solve it. What are we trying to solve, why are we trying to solve it, what’s the benefit and risk of solving it and for whom!

Utilisateur anonyme le


I would either solve it in front of him in about a minute and twenty seconds, or give it to the nearest 12 year old to solve it for me in a faster time :) next question?

Utilisateur anonyme le


I can solve and give it to you

Utilisateur anonyme le


If you take a look at the question the interviewer was not asking how you would solve it but how you would respond. I like the honest answer over the "you will have it today" but it seems like I will do my best or I will have it ready for you tomorrow works in this scenario. If he wants you to elaborate on how, then you can provide additional details.

Utilisateur anonyme le


I will get someone on it right away.

Slomoshn le


If it was unscrambled, I'd leave it and hand it back the next day. And say I did as such.

Mary le


Tomorrow? I can give you in 30mins tops. I will look it up on internet. Amazon is built on internet. Jeff Bezos himself says there are so many things internet can do, helping solve rubic cubes won't be that hard.

Think le


I got the feeling that my answer wasn't the one they were hoping to hear, as I answered that I would gather a team to see if anyone had insight or expertise to solve it, and that if given an unrealistic time frame to solve some problem of such complexity I would shoot back to the leaders in charge of the project that it WAS unrealistic. I think they were looking for me to say that I would solve the problem at all costs.

Utilisateur anonyme le

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