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Entretien pour Marketing Representative


Royal Enterprise

Interviewer asked a total of 5 questions that were the most generic job application questions that you can think of. Your strengths, weaknesses, goal in a workplace etc


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The answers don't matter. They want a candidate who is desperate enough to play along.

Utilisateur anonyme le


Yes, it is indeed a scam and it is a shame that young, impressionable adults, just entering the workforce are falling for the scam.

A. Gordon le


SCAM!!!! They send you on business trips and YOU pay for food, share a bed with co-worker, pay for gas--and an employee has to drive his or her own vehicle. EVEN to local events. They don't pay gas, parking tickets, and are very vague about benefits. It takes weeks to find out the pay is commission only. AVOID like the plague.

Deborah Vose le

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