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Extremely unprofessional HR (Paris). Called me to ask about my background, then started to ask about why I didn't end up staying at my last company, where this HR person also worked before. I explained that it was just an internship (!), and that I had learned a lot but wanted to work in a smaller structure now and in a different field. She was clearly interested in getting company gossip as she used to work there too, on the same floor. I tried to focus on the reasons for joining her company, but she wouldn't stop asking about the previous company, and said "even if you don't tell me, I can go find out myself!" I told her to go ahead and call them if she so desperately wanted to find gossip haha. She made it sound like she was a HR manager at our previous company... but I found out after that she was just an Assistant there! Told me she'd call me back the next day to schedule interviews, and never called back. What a pity, it left me with such a poor impression of this company. The HR is just straight unprofessional, forgot which company she actually works for, and unfortunately very junior/immature...

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