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Last project and how you handle the difficult situation in the project


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What is the most difficult problem you have ever had to troubsleshoot or solve? Problem Guidelines: Focus on your individual contributions to the problem if your example includes a team or group Provide a decription of the problem, what actions you took to solve the problem, and what the outcome was

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Which of the following configuration steps are required to set up a Linux machine as a NAT? (Select all that apply) A) Enable ipv4 forwarding via sysctl/proc B) Enable IP Masquerading in your firewall settings C) Remove all iptables rules to permit the free flow of traffic through the device D) Install a second NIC card (eth0 in, eth1 out) and bridge/bond the devices E) Ensure your NAT machine's MAC address matches the upstream router you'll be connected to

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A customer has asked you to set some very specific permissions on a directory in order to facilitate collaboration between multiple users. Which of the following commands will set the directory called "share" to allow the retaining of group ownership on newly created files and directories inside of it? SUID, SGID, Stick Bit = 4 2 1 = s s t A) chmod 7777 share rwsrwsrwt B) chmod 1775 share rwsrwxr-x C) chmod 2755 share rwxr-sr-x D) chmod 7115 share --s--sr-t E) chmod 1337 share -wx-rxrwt

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Amazon Web Services - Open-Ended Question Test Module Describe a situation where you made a judgment call and the results did not meet your standards. Identify how you could have done things differently to improve the outcome. Problem Guidelines: Provide a decription of the situation, what actions you took to solve it and what the outcome was Explain why your specific changes would have improved the outcome

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Can you please give information about online assessment test? what types of questions are includes and what the time limit provided? whats is the difficulty level?

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