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Most of the questions relate to your design skills and previous experience. The only question that I was completely thrown off by was "are you planning on having children?" The interviewer asked this in a casual way when asking other 'get to know you' questions, but I immediately was alarmed that it was asked.


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Due to laws of discrimination in the workforce in the US, asking that question, if you plan on having children is 100% illegal to ask.

That question is actually illegal to ask. le


I answered honestly and told the interviewer that children were in my future but not immediately.

Utilisateur anonyme le


That’s an odd question to ask in an interview, I didn’t even think they were allowed to ask such questions due to discrimination laws.

Utilisateur anonyme le


The VP of Design has checked in with us before to see if kids are getting closer in our future and a designer was fired for basically getting pregnant before. They don't like kids..

Anonymous Designer le

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