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Questions entretien Technology Solutions chez Navigant


Entretien de Technology Solutions

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Le processus a pris 3 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Navigant en mars 2012.


I thought it was an odd interview process. I enjoyed visiting the company though. They flew me out to the office and paid for everything. The night before they give you a presentation and then give you an agenda of who you will be interviewing with the next day along with a short bio on the person. The next day consisted of three 1:1 interviews. The weird thing was nobody interviewed with the same 3 people. So how they made the final decision I have no idea. I can only imagine the conversation..."Person A: I liked John....Person B: Well I did not interview John I interviewed Jane and I liked her....Person A: Well my opinion matters more because..." But I digress...

On the day I interviewed, one of the people I was supposed to interview with missed their flight, so they set me up to interview with someone who was not even in the same practice area I was applying for. The other interview was also with someone not in the same exact practice, and that person wasn't even based in the same office I was interviewing for. So really I only got to interview with one person who was based in the same office and the same practice area, while other candidates interviewed with all people who were in the same practice. Again, I don't see how they can make a fair/unbiased decision based on that. I do understand that I would have been working with the other people I interviewed and traveling a lot to the other offices, but still I would've liked to interview with people who more involved with the work I would be doing.

I thought the interviews went fairly well, and sent three thank you emails when I got home. Did not receive a response to any of them. Two of those emails were sent to the "buddies" that the office sets you up with. When I found out I did not get an offer, I sent a brief email to two different people asking for any feedback they could offer. Still no response on those either. That's not really a bash on Navigant though hardly any company ever responds to feedback requests, which is sad.

I would have liked to work there and the culture seemed nice. So I have nothing against the company, but think they could improve the interview process.

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