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Candidat anonyme à un entretien, Londres, Angleterre, Angleterre

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J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris 4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien chez Prada (Londres, Angleterre, Angleterre) en mai 2014


I was headhunted through Linkedin. Asked if I was interested in working for Prada, submitted a current CV, was invited to an initial interview at Head Office with the recruiter and manager was successful then invited for a 2nd round practical interview at a store. Then never heard back from them. An overall positive experience which was made extremely negative. When I had made my way for the 2nd round, I was given a call just as I reached the store to say that they had to rearrange for the following day. Which was already frustrating when you are working and having to book days off. The practical felt very pointless as the recruiter and the manager did not look interested throughout the whole interview from start to finish, despite a positive first round. I had my interview with another candidate and this was to "save time". We had to merchandise a wall, select an outfit for a typical Prada male then select 3 classic Prada pieces that every woman should have. I felt that this was already a losing battle as they seemed to be talk to the other candidate more and it was very intimidating as this was done prior to the opening and the shop staff were all standing on the side watching. I never heard back from them and I e-mailed the recruiter 3 weeks later asking for feedback as I assumed the role was filled and I received a blanket message "we felt all the other candidates was stronger". A few months later I was informed that the role was given internally. Which made the whole recruitment process effectively a waste of time.

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