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Questions entretien chez PsPrint

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    Entretien de Customer Service Representative

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 5 jours. J'ai passé un entretien à PsPrint.


    First Step is a phone interview, then there are in-person interviews with 4 people (about 15 minutes each), you will meet with the HR director the same day, you are given a written communications test, a math test, and eventually a drug test ~2 hours.

    Questions d'entretien d'embauche

    • What things frustrate you the most? How do you usually cope with them?

      Tell me about PSPrint. How would you describe our services to a potential customer?

      How did you get along with your last supervisor? What faults/strengths did they have that did/did not work well for you?

      Working in customer service can definitely be stressful, especially when working with customers on a deadline and who are upset due to variable factors. What measures or actions do you take to vent frustration and release stress during your work day?

      ROLE PLAYING: Imagine that you finishing up a call with a customer; the issue that you are helping them with is something that you need to look into further with your supervisor via email. There are several callers holding in queue that need assistance and your supervisor is busy assisting other reps at the moment. You have to send your email to your supervisor and post an informational note the order as well as help the other customers in queue, how would you approach this situation?   Répondre à cette question

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