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Questions entretien Data Scientist (Junior) chez Shift Technology

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Entretien de Data Scientist (Junior)

Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Paris
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J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Shift Technology (Paris) en janvier 2017.


5 rounds: 1 call and 4 1:1 (2 with DS, 1 with the Chief DS and 1 with the CEO)

The first interview lasted 2 hours: questions around algorithms, maths (especially probability but not statistics) and OOP.
The second lasted ~1 hour, it was around algorithms they use for data, some quick ML questions.
The feedbacks for these 2 interviews came very (very) fast. I was shown the office after the 2nd interview and I met the Chief DS who did not have the bright and polite idea to say "hello", nor to look me in the eyes, seemed a bit rude to me. Little did I know that the worst was to come...

After being reminded twice that he (the Chief DS) had to confirm the date of the interview, we finally made it.
He was late ('I was busy with a client', mmh, interesting), dared to ask me if I brought my CV printed with me (both of the 2 DS had one), went to the office to print my CV and we went into a room (with people).
Jesus... I have never EVER felt so uncomfortable than during that interview: he could not read properly what was written on my CV, asked too many irrelevant questions and above all, he was arrogant. He asked me for the other processes and told me to feel free to send him questions by mail (God be blessed for having kept me from such an idea, I would have come to the age of retirement before getting any answer) and to inform him about the other processes, what I did (yes, I am polite).

After being reminded twice to send me an aswer, I got an ... automatic email; I do not really care that it was a mail of rejection, the problem was the clear lack of respect.
I shot an email to the 2 DS and the Chief DS and got an answer from someone of the Marketing and Talent Team who apparently sent the mail. Just sending me a mail of excuse for being so disrespectful did not seem a bright idea to her; she tried to justify her behaviour and wrote she was " very sorry for making [me] feel like [they] did not respect [me]" (that is not real excuses which would have supposed to recognize the lack of respect).
The worst part of her mail may be when I read that she did not know I came in 3 times: c'mon, you're supposed to be part of the Marketing AND TALENT team, and you do not know a thing about the current processes. I am speechless.
I sent a last mail to share my idea of what respect and humility were.

Apart from this entertaining story, their solution for car insurance seemed good but I am pretty sceptical about their approach of fraud in health insurance. Collusions are not what make insurers lose tremendous amounts of money... (and good luck to prove the presence of such a collusion). Healthcare workers do not need arrangements with each other, they do great without.
Some of the major problems for health insurers are optical and dental frauds, there is a (huge) moral hazard even the French National Health Insurance is not willing to bear.
One example of abuse I learnt while I was interning in a health insurance company was (private) hospitals who tend to prescribe appendectomy everytime a patient had stomach pain (true story).
In short, I do not believe in networks to detect fraud in health insurance...

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  • OOP: difference between public/private class, inheritance ...
    Math: combinatorics, conditionnal probabilities ...   Répondre à cette question
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