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Questions entretien Associate Software Engineer chez Sony Electronics

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Entretien de Associate Software Engineer

Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Gangtok (Inde)
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J'ai postulé via un établissement de l'enseignement supérieur ou universitaire.. Le processus a pris 1 jour. J'ai passé un entretien à Sony Electronics (Gangtok (Inde)) en novembre 2012.


1.Aptitude test

Duration -1 hour
The online test consisted of 3 sections-aptitude,english and technical.Each section had 20 questions which were to be solved in 20 min.The paper required quick thinking,otherwise it was very easy.Technical part required knowledge of c,c++,database,data structure etc.In order to ace the test,candidates must solve mcqs from any good book(e.g. mcqs in computer science by timothy williams).

2.Technical interview
Questions were asked from data structure,daa,c,c++,software engg and database.

3.Personal interview
Usual questions like tell me something about yourself.
Study your resume properly cos they asked 4-5 questions based on my resume.
U need to have detailed knowledge of the projects u have undertaken.
They can ask you some mind boggling puzzles too,so u need to have presence of mind.

4.Managerial Round
They can give you a situation and you have to show them how would you act.
I was asked to sell an office stapler.

Questions d'entretien d'embauche

  • Puzzles could be tricky cos you may not be able to answer them under pressure.
    I was asked the following question:i am stuck alone in a square room which has only 2 adjoining door.There is a huge dragon outside one of the doors which is spitting fireballs that are the size of the door @ every second .And there is a huge lens reflecting the sun rays with such intensity that you will burn to ashes the moment you step outside. there is no other way to escape.How will u come out of the room provided you have the keys to both the doors and you know the position of dragon and mirror?   Répondre à cette question
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