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Entretien pour Algorithm Developer

-New York, NY

Hudson River Trading

Spaghetti in a bowl question. (Pick up one end of a spaghetti and you can either join it to the other end of the spaghetti you are holding which created a loop or you can pick any other end in the bowl and join it to that. Find the expected number of loops.) Another spaghetti question (I think the interviewer loved spaghetti): You have a plate of spaghetti in front of you (no sauce!). You pick two ends and tie them together. Then you pick two more ends and tie them together. Continue until there are no free ends left. If there were n spaghettis originally, what is the probability that you now have a single giant loop consisting of all the spaghettis?


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^ how does this comment help anyone?

anon le


Standard question. Just google it. I had seen this question while practicing some questions on the internet before the interview.

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