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Tell me 3 qualities to hire you


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I am focused person. I like challenges and because of my leadership quality and problem solving skills i can understand what are the needs of students as well our prestigious customers.

Utilisateur anonyme le


i am determined person _eager to worj and do what i think hardworker.and a true admir of the palce where i belong to ie work

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I'm Self starter with strong interpersonal skill, wanted to become a part of leading organisation where i can enhance my skills. I can work efficiently both as an individual contributor as well as along with the team & I'm always looking for a creative solution to a given problem , I think these qualities in the employee is much important for the growth of organisation.

Raghvendra Singh le


First one is cool mind. in the sales field, cool mind is the most important quality bcz there are various typ of people in field and when you go to communicate with the persons about your product than you find various of fool people they ask questions without any mean than you give answer of customer question's very politely than they understand better about your product Second is confidence, in the sales we have perfect confidence to talk random or unknown people And third is, I am very hard working person I give my best to making organization successful

Irshad Ahmad le


Postive attitude, Self driven, perseverance Postive attitude never let me down even if in worst situation. It's give me a opportunity to seek something else behind the failure. Self driven plays a vital role in journey towards the success. If you know your targets you can achieve it. Self driven people make their own road maps to achieve it. They certainly know how and where to go! Perseverance: This is most important quality which most of the people don't have. They fail Or lose because they don't continuously chase their goal. And this quality becomes me odd even out. That's why my success rate is high.

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1.PREVIOUS Experience in marketing and sales.. 2.Patience and convincing 3. Dedication



I am hardworking and discipline and I know how to use the time... Because time is something which can never be back I like challenges and I like to interact with new people.. Since I play cricket so I know how to handle the pressure in any situation... As I am playing as a batsmen I know at what time I can score and when not

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passion Loyalty good person ...that are only three ... qualities to make a person

Abhijeet le


Every orginazation requires a person who iz Loyal to the company along with Hardwork...But i poses Unique Quality which iz highly appreciable .. I prefer Hardwork only for a short Span coz i rejuvinate that hardwork to Smart work along With Highly Earned Profits to both Company as well as to an Individual.

Shravani Rajput le

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