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Tell me about a time when you had to leave a task unfinished.


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I don't care of time when my task is infront of me because when i leave it will be hard next time

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do it the next day or assign it your colleague as a favor

raj le


It was a time in my previous company, which was a VAS company for mobile apps, where i joined as Delivery Manager. There i was given a project to create a mobile app for " Song Search". I was really excited to own the end to end delivery of the project. The product was to search the songs in app based upon Genre, artist, language, popularity and trending. In this app the user is asked to search the songs of their choice based upon above criteria. Being a enthusiastic DM, i asked development engg team to add Name tone search too and convey the same to Accounts team. It was few days before the final release, i was informed by engg team that DB is not taking the load of this feature rich app, so we need to sort out it ASAP. I called a last minute meeting with all the stakeholders and explained the issue, after brainstorming, we came to conclusion to launch the product with MVP solution and then add the more feature in later releases. With the help of development team, we tested the MVP product in Beta release and succeed. As a lesson learnt, i became more conscious of the actual requirement by asking more and more question in requirement gathering phase and work on MVP version first, followed by adding features in next phases.

Smriti le


Interesting question

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doing something unethical

Jo Willy le


Tricky question, lots of potential follow ups!

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