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The interviews went very well. Everybody was very friendly

 . After 3 interviews they then they sent me an application to fill out that requested the gender and ages of my dependents and my spouse's complete name, birthdate, and social security number. Completely illegal practice. There was an actual line on the application that stated unless every line on the application was filled out then it would be null and void and every line must be filled in order to apply for the job.

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After I saw this I was quite angered. It is illegal to ask these questions in an employment interview or application. And I was highly offended that they requested the GENDER of my children. None of this information is necessary for employment. I did not complete the application.

Candidat à l'entretien, le 26 févr. 2015

It isn't illegal in Saudi Arabia. It's a Saudi company. I'm assuming you were applying for a post in SA, not Houston or elsewhere in the US.

Kevin, le 6 juil. 2015

You are assuming wrong. It was for a position in Houston, TX. Which is part of what shocked me as I thought those questions were probably legal in SA. But definitely not here. I checked with the HR person from the Houston office and was told that I had to fill out the application in its entirety or else it would not be considered.

Anonymous OP, le 7 juil. 2015

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