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The most unexpected question I got asked was "If unforeseen

  occur then would you be prepared to work 24 hours for the company?"

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Think they needed to hear that health and safety is your main concern

Candidat à l'entretien, le 10 janv. 2015

I worked for Schlumberger for 10 years. I was cementing Field Engineer. The reason this question is asked is because it is routine for you to have to work for 24 hrs. In the field is it very common to show up to the rig and then the something goes wrong and you have to wait on the rig before you can perform your job. So you will sit on the wellsite waiting until the rig is ready. It is also very common to catch back to back jobs. As soon as your done with one well you go straight to the next. 24 hours was a normal everyday workshift for me. This also continues once your out of the field and brought into the office. Even if you only work 40 hrs a week physically at the office, you will work another 40 hrs a week from he house. Working for Schlumberger you can count on 80+ hr weeks every week for you entire career.

Anonymous, le 20 juin 2015

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