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They asked about setting up a kiosk where a connection to a remote database was lost


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Never allowed the kiosk from being out of sync with the database. No orders even presented to user that could not be fullfilled

Utilisateur anonyme le


Question is about "set up kiosk when connection is lost", not "how to design kiosk to deal with connection lost event"

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Kiosk losing connection to remote DB is not new it always happens due to various factors such as link down because of bad weather etc. The solution to this problem is to have a local memory or a personal db for each Kiosk that stores the information and try to sync with remote corporate db when the link is up. You see this type of issue common on big supercenters where cash register goes down because the POS computer can't make a remote connection to corporate db. People waiting in line are frustrated to have the items billed. The solution is possible if Kiosk vendors are willing to spend little extra for a robust application.

Laxmikanta Dash le

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