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We are considering investing in manufacturing one of our raw material inputs rather than continuing to buy from vendors. How would you set up the analytical framework for this decision?


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First I would want to know, in rough terms, the scale of the overall opportunity to quickly judge if it's worth more detailed, resource intensive analysis. This is a make or buy assessment. Therefore, a simple projection of our cost to invest and manufactur vs projected price of the raw material is needed, including a projection of our demand over time. Would be a range of potential values, but this would provide a sense of value scale and return potential of the investment.

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Do we have a comparative advantage for manufacturing this material? Are there synergies with out other operations? What makes us think we can manufacture it at a lower cost than buying it. If the cost is higher, are there benefits to the supply chain to making it ourselves? Are there supply problems for this material? What were the factors that led us to consider making this ourselves? Cost is probably not the only factor.

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