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What is the most difficult type of person that you have had to deal with and how did you manage to work with them?


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A pretty straight forward question. Answer honestly, but avoid saying anything directly negative about the individual.

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Your job is not to change people! There are only the following possibilities: 1. They are right and you are wrong 2. You are right and they are wrong 3. You both are wrong 4. You both are right. In any case, you should listen, if asked give you opinion, DO NOT GIVE NEGATIVE OPINION AT WORK TO ANYONE ABOUT ANYONE. Try to have a positive outlook and leave the negativity at bay. Discuss your issues with your colleagues outside work.

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Probably someone who doesn't want to listen, or who's intention is less to find a solution and more to vent their frustrations. To deal with them I would just do my best to listen and be understanding and offer help wherever i could.

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