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What is your core work foundation?


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The writing topics are very basic and ask you to compare and contrast two simple subjects that spans 1-2 pages. For example, I remember one of the prompts asking you to compare living at home by yourself with more expenses versus living with a roommate. It won't trip you up - just make sure you're concise and organized. The proofreading was general material - it won't require any additional preparation. The business analysis is mainly balance sheet ratios from what I recall. ROA, ROE, and Current Ratio are really the only ones I remember. You will also be asked to compare and contrast two proposals. I don't think there is a right answer- just make sure that you are confident and have good reasons to support your decision. Hope that helps and good luck!

ADanian le


What kind of math problems should I expect on the assessment?

GJ le


What was the writing like? Do they give you topics and you just start writing? Or do they give you several documents and you just write a summary of some sorts? For the proofreading, was the material regular or was it something about the FDIC?

Student4FDIC le


With the business analysis and the accounting ratios, do we focus more on balance sheet or income statement?

Student4FDIC le

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