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MAC Cosmetics

What is your favorite MAC product, and how would you sell it to a customer?


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I love the MAC MSF natural, it gives the face a glow and looks flawless. it can be applied sheer for a natural look and can be used wet for a fuller coverage. a very versatile product that looks great on everyone

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I love the Mac fix plus .oh it’s a magic product .one single product and do multiple tasks .it helps prep for skin for a flawless base , after applying the base it helps blending it smoothly ,helps adhere glitters on the eyes and also fixes the make up .save you money and invest smartly and look beautiful

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Mac Strobe Cream is a gem, works with all skin types. Being a Professional Makeup Artist, it is my favourite product from the brand since it gives a dewy finish to the face, most certainly one doesn’t need a seperate highlighter, just mix the strobe cream with your foundation & you’re good to go! Love it

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