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Why not higher studies


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Why higher studies.. If i can make my performance better under my current education and am confident enough to work in a firm wbo hires me

Utilisateur anonyme le


Why higher studies ... if my own field of interest brighten me more than higher studies and build my career knowledge. i believe do such works which you enjoyed.

devendra kumar le


Basically I am from a middle class family with a small amount of money which I am getting from my parent and I think I studied almost everything in my master graduation and I don't have an interest on teaching so I choose not to go for hire education and to get excel in my life in sales

Killer le


Why higher studies... When you can get what you looking for in a company like you. I mean it's all takes hard and smart work, talent and working experience. Then you don't need grades, you will become even more mature, experience in working environment which will give you more clarity and connects you with a main stream over blind educational system.

Utilisateur anonyme le


I think sir, I can make my performance better under my current education and sir I m also from a middle class family than we can't afford higher education because my b. Tech also completed by a loan and that is not fullfill yet

Irshad Ahmad le

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