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Why sales after b. Tech


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Engineer's are used to solving problems, troubleshooting. My confidence and quick decision making ability can boost the performance of the company.we can understand the customer views and find the respective solutions.

Utilisateur anonyme le


Engineers are well know about the product in an technical way & they can easily rectify if any fault occur in that product.So,we know about how to sales & service

vaishnavi le


Sales and Marketing is the only field where one can pursue their career more creative and productively with stable economical strength. I feel that people who don't want to send all their time on coding by sitting in front of a computer well opt for this field.



For some engineers ,i mean graduates may have dream of becoming an entrepreneur, great business man i can say ,for that we need to know from scratch ,which is nothing but direct marketing again sales ,from which you can analyse any kind of customers. but also improves your interpersonal skills

bala krishna murthy le


I feel that a person can excel in that particular work in which he/she has his/her interest and the respective qualities. Hence being an engineering student my interest and my best qualities are not in technical fields and coding and all..I have much more qualities and interest in this marketing and sales I want to take the advantage of these things and excel in this field by comfortably putting all my efforts.

Rahul le


Sales are challenging career and sales are performance based career the more you sell the more bonus you earn . For anyone with the desire for rewarded for their handwork that's the key motivator drives me in to the sales

Rathod le


Truly speaking , I dont love to write a lot of code on this editor that doesn't mean i don't love technologies but in my opinion selling technology is far better than creating technology and that's i love so i think sales is very interesting career for me as if i love to talk with different types of people and it encourages me to know everyone's culture.

shouvik le


As per my knowledge their is no similority between studies and job because studies are for gaing knowledge but doing any kind of job is depends on my interest and passion and more over skills...,

sai kishore le


In the marketing field u have that much confidence and passion about selling a product at any condition and in this period u face different types of people with their mindsets .in this field growth is very much

Sunil le


According to me sir since I am from technical background there is always a task of problem solving and according to me in sales there is always a time when we have to solve our problems to reach the target... According to me when you get challenges and you complete that challenges it give u a boost to solve any challenges come to your life. .. So I choose sales instead of being in technical background

Killer le


Whether it may be a technical or sales first we have to acquire the client requirements before we produce a product, so enginer are well know about the product in a technical way, n thy can rectify the error n Debbug it, so we know how to sale the service n reach the client requirements.

Devika Manohar le


My passion my interest in selling products

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