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I cleared that's how.

Utilisateur anonyme le


We are extremely sorry that you have faced this issue. We were looking for a candidate who had an end to end understanding of Digital Marketing. However, few were strong in Ad Words and few were strong Facebook or another Platform. That was the only reason we had to put the position on hold. Generally, we have 3-4 interview rounds with different people in the organization which is very fair. I understand that it is not good on the organization side that we mentioned that you have been selected which was not the case though. We will make sure that this doesn't happen again. Thanks for your feedback.

Gaurav Soni le


Hi Gaurav, Thanks for your response but if i remember correctly while our discussion you never asked me about other marketing channels apart from Adwords if you would have asked may be the scenario was different. Anyways not an issue all cool & it was nice knowing you.

Taskeen Ahmed Ansari le



Utilisateur anonyme le

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