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-New York, NY


You have a technical background why would I recruit you over a Marketing /sales domain person


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I have a good understanding of the product and had been following the growth of byjus over years and would like to be a part of the change in educational system

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Marketing and sales jobs directly interact with clients and customers. We want to more prepare answers for clients and customers before meeting the customers or clients we want to think I'm the customer what is the question I want to ask with marketing or salesperson. We asked question by our self and prepare the answer. Marketing and sales we can learn many people ideology and mindset to interact with other people. I love job 200% because I'm selling the by jus learning app to the next generation they students want to love the subjects and learn not to fear studies for exams

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i have good skill in convincing, i can withstand in stress related situations, i am pretty socialize person and like to interact with people and learn from them.

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